that’s what i call home lyrics – blake shelton

there’s a house that’s a little run down
this city ain’t never found
it’s miles and miles from a paved road
that’s where we grew up
seven children raised on love
when life gets hard that’s where we go

daddy don’t know a stranger
a handshake and he’s your friend
oh and mama she’s an angel
she’ll hold you tight till the heartache ends
just a place made of nails and wood
but it’s the love that makes you feel so good
that’s what i call
that’s what i call home

daddy built it with his own two hands
overlooking his grandpa’s land
now through the years a lot has changed
but driving up this gravel road
i get that feeling in my soul
i thank god some things still remain

[repeat chorus]

once i get myself through that old screen door
the world can’t touch me anymore

[repeat chorus]

that’s what i call home
that’s what i call home

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