that’s what love is lyrics – damian marshall

you stay up all night, till the fever breaks, you take off work to catch your sons ball game, give up smoking so college is paid, that’s what love is.

when you know she’s the one after just one dance, way to young to know that you don’t stand a chance, 16 years and your still holding hands, that’s what love is.

strong and real, undeniable, safe and patient, kind and humble, never selfish, unconditional, all it has it gives that what love is.

when they can’t remember who you are, but u visit anyway serve those less fortunate a hot meal on christmas day, dive in a river ’cause there’s someone to save that’s what love is.


you give up everything, to help someone who’s lost, willing to pay the price no matter what the cost, come down from heaven to hang on the cross that’s what love is.


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