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[the caesarians octavian (caesar’s princ*p*l, though
not sole, heir), mark antony, and marcus lepidus under
the second triumvirate had stepped in to fill the power
vacuum caused by julius caesar’s *ss*ssination. after
the triumvirate had defeated marcus junius brutus and
gaius c*ssius longinus at the battle of philippi (42
bc) and lepidus was expelled from the triumvirate (36
bc), octavian and antony were left as the two most
powerful men in the roman world. for a time, rome saw
peace. antony had been having an affair with the queen
of egypt, cleopatra. when cleopatra received word that
rome had declared war, antony threw his support to
egypt. immediately, the senate stripped antony of all
his official power and labelled him as an outlaw and a
traitor. octavian summoned all of his legions, numbered
at almost 200,000 roman legionaries. cleopatra and
antony did the same, *ssembling roughly the same number
in mixed heavy roman and light egyptian infantry. the
stage was set for the largest conflict the roman world
had ever seen.]

the queen of sand, the chosen one,
goddess on earth, sent from above.
the queen of kings, a tear of ra,
an ocean princess.

a man of arms, a legionnaire, a fool in love,
…blinded by the light.
a destiny – united; a p*ssion – unrevealed
all it took was one look into…

her eyes.
two saints gone astray.
a sign sent from the sky,
a moment, caught in time.

two souls, one mind – the alliance!
a bond of life – the alliance!

a trail of tears, a pact of death,
sworn enemies, becoming friends.
against the world, on a path of dreams,
towards a dead end.

a change in course of time, a point of no return,
against the rest of the world!
a unity – unbreakable.
one voice.

the lies,
repeating once again.
when dreams come to life,
united till the end.


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