the american zone 1990 lyrics – acrophet

did he have any discipline
and did he get to school on time
no different from anyone else
but they say he’s a psycho!
but we raised you so well
why did you play with the fire?
this is h*ll, your new home
the american zone… 1990…

opinions do not exist, your mind is owned
and as for your life, you’ve got your future on hold

heaven and h*ll, what do they all mean
it’s not what you make it to be

“20/20” you’re going in circles
do you know real from make-believe?

talking and listening, which do you choose?
it’s not a game of win or lose!

take the time to figure it out
take a good look and realize
this sh*t is real, yeah it’s real!

somebody take me away from here
what did i do to deserve this?
what makes me so unacceptable
and makes you so perfect

your future’s on hold forever

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