the ancestral ritual lyrics – winterburst

they walk in the darkness of the night
wandering in the last glimmer of envy
torn between desire and madness
alone in the heart of the sleeping forest

the temple along the bank
made of cob and stone
attracts those whom
life has given no son

the cawing of crows
shears silence of twilight
suspended above the blast
a purple veil evaporates in the air

kneeled down on the marble floor
worshipping the goddess of fertility
through kisses and offerings
as their mothers once did

as deities coming from olympus
on a lighter pace, barely touching the ground
these nubile are slowly caressing their soft skin
waving their sensual curves

out of darkness come the taurus and aries
lured by the milk flowing from their br**sts
the beasts come to feast
thus ends the pagan ritual

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