the antithesis lyrics – iperyt

one thousand faces of putrid holy evil
the only light, the only divine voice
serpents of dirty life and rotten death entwine
into the black emperor’s scourge

come on!

i am the last fix of heroine in your daughter’s veins
i am the last spark of life in the eyes of starving

pray for death!

i am the maggots crawling out of a bagger’s wounds
i am the rapist’s seed in the *n*s of your wife

i am the maze of torment and pain
i am the denial of the divine grace
i am the constrictor of happiness and joy
i am the ant*thesis of the life your enjoy

supreme indignity
sickening supremacy
sanctified atrocity
multiplied pathology, incurable society!!!

i am the grotesque pain divine

i am the tool of anti-life

some creatures are destined to live in the sewers
some creatures are destined to suffer and extinct
some creatures are destined to forever crawl
some creatures are born to cherish other creatures’

some things will never change
the real evil never sleeps
life is nothing but useless dust
some wounds will never heal

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