the archaic traveller lyrics – hin onde

the archaic traveller
i’ve touched the sky
followed the universal steps
far beyond mortal understanding
i’ve danced with elementary powers
at the nameless meadow up high

i’ve tasted wisdom
i’ve tasted pain
for a great eternity i’ve existed
the eternal spectator
the archaic traveller

the equilibrium unbalanced
behold the wrath of gods
the fury of the elements
vortex of cosmic chaos

the archaic traveller
i’ve seen planets being born
from the supreme primal chaos
i’ve sailed the storming rivers of time
since the beginning
to these times of the ends

but mortal remember that:
rooms are small in tuonela
underground chambers narrow
no moonbeams, no sunshine
desolate may your life’s morning be
but more desolate the death’s evening

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