the baddest lyrics – fiend

remindin you b*tches of who the baddest
remindin you b*tches of who the baddest
remindin you b*tches of who the baddest

ahhhhhh, all about the beats, cause i bring the heat to the streets
about to act bad, and i ain’t been home for a week
i wanna see ends, i also wanna see ends meet
the last high that i had was the jailhouse heat
gotta go 223, that’s the waiting in the shade
alot of people about to end up dead, runnin around with their lead
being followed by the n*gg* hating feds
i had to ask them, what’s that in your hand, all i said
picture fiend with this, they made me do it my friend
and i make em see it end, ‘fore you bout to take me in
see sh*t spin, i’m tryin to get the crack in the day
word on the streets, you really got it happenin your way
now i’m rapping away, but not to keep me out the penn
but since i’m out, i’m out to test the hearts of men
see this wimpy grin, it mean, one seven he die
with cabbage aside, you b*tches still gonna be the baddest alive

still the baddest motherf*cker alive
i’m still the baddest motherf*cker alive
say what, say what? x4

my name is fiend, d*mn right i’m a attack his trailer
c told me look a man in the eyes ‘fore you kill him
aint too many n*gg*s really got on the billing
to better pockets, ready for some violent killing
now ready puff in the cutl*ss, at the down south buck it
taking other peoples sh*t, loving every minute of it
you know what it takes to go against odds
watching my back, with some n*gg*s like keke and boz
jump in my 81 ride, lookin for prey in the meal
gimme everything, i’ll see if this tank is for real
i dish this raw deals to keep this ghetto peal
i think i truly love?
for somebody getting through me
my hunger make sure ain’t no human being at the war place speak
alone at street stories and ties
and remember, no sleepy eyes, i’m the baddest alive

chorus x4

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