the bantry girls lament lyrics – clancy brothers

1 * * 57
who will plow the field now, and who will sow the corn
1 * * 57
who will wash the sheep now, and keep them neatly sh*rn
4 1 * 57
the stack that’s in the haggard, un-touched it may re-main
1 * 4 57 1
since johnny went a-thrashing all in the wars of spain
4 * 1 *
johnny, lovely johnny, he’s sailing o’er the main
1 * 4 57 1
a-long with other patriots, to fight the king of spain
and the girls from the bawn-oag in sorrow may re-tire
the piper and his bellows, (may) go home and blow the fire
at fairs and hurling matches, your likes we seldom see
till you come home a-gain to us, a-storeen oag mo cree
and a cruel fate will not permit our johnny to re-turn
his heavy loss, we bantry girls will never cease to mourn
we re-sign ourselves to our sad lot, and die in grief and pain
johnny died for freedom’s sake in the foreign lands of spain
– gaelic phrases are spelled phonetically
– haggard: a threshing yard
– ba/no/g: a green patch of ground (ireland?)
– mi/an fhomhair: harvest month
– asto/iri/n o/g mo chroi: little young treasure of my heart

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