the big man lyrics – chubb rock

[verse one]
the bigger of the biggest made a hitlist
not a lot of people, but a sequel, so witness
the evolution of a seed planted four years ago
and now the offspring today is the new thing
the people wanna jock but if they won’t here’s a quote:
jealousy has arisen but don’t – sweat it
and in this particular case – don’t let it
hold you back from pledging allegiance to this
and your girl wants a kiss but i have my own miss
on my side til the skeezer in me died
like the (? ) to the john, the crosby to the bing
the dave is to the benny and the big man is ready
to take a stand for all big man-kind
and i’m gonna succeed with the rhyme
so potent that a consultant said that rappin rodents
have two-thirds of my intelligence quotient and knowin
just that, secures me from all the muskrats
and my degree tells me i don’t must rap
but the fans of hundreds of grands know i slam
love the jams of the big man – chorus!

“a big man!” (repeat 4x)

{uhh his lyrics are. so extrordinary.}

[verse two]
the big man on the campus want people to chant this
and i mean this; if i have to i will get fiendish
and you will be the main course of a mean dish:
scrub – sucker a la chubb
the plate will be a test or your test of fate
to see if you have any kind of heart, you fart
i’m a soloist and knowin this you better grow an extra fist
i’m not razor ruddock but you’ll land on your b*ttock
back up move, you’re dealin with a rudebwoy
raggam*ffin with a funky somp’in
listen – chubb is the one on a respect mission
ignorin all that bs you’re dishin
out cause the man with the clout came forth
to show who’s the boss lyrical force
(? ) monarch to spark the plan
for the chubb’s the big man – chorus!

“a big man!” (repeat 4x)

{well i don’t think that. my lyrics are.
that extrordinary but uhh.
i do think that me and howie do have a.
diverse style of music.}

[verse three]
the bigger man used to be a trigger man
bang was the slang for the one man gang
but now with a plan with a few called the a.t.e.e.m.
diggidy and the swinga will paint the whole scene
paint the background first, that means we rehe*rs*
exercise cardiovascular – and then the thirst
will be quenched – the throats will be drenched
with the finest wines when we dine
cause 1989 was an okay year
i mean i lived through it – in 1990 i’m gonna do it
climb the mountain of the hits
put a #1 joint at the tip if it fits
and if it is a size too small, yes y’all
a new creation for the nation cause i’m here for the duration
like the pilgrim village when they claimed this land
gave birth to the big man – chorus!

{chubb rock is definitely coming out
with a different style this year. he’s.}

“a big man!” (repeat 8x)

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