the birth of tragedy lyrics – ritual carnage

faint hearted, timid child, an accident of birth
any hope for normalcy, is lost, forever cursed
mental impairment, severly stunted growth
ridiculed and traumatized, paranoias taken hold

run, but you can’t hide
vengeance intensified
your day is coming soon
for i have sealed your doom
repulsive human waste
soon to annihilate
your childlike idiocy
your birth a tragedy

self-centered, deceiver
betrayer of our legions pledge
back stabber, imposter
on our pride you dared to tread

so egotistical, never physical
your only virtue is your weakness
your evil is counterfeit, a such a hypocrite
stand and fight accept our challenge
your unable to cope, we got you buy your throat
cheap metal warriors of the feeble
cannot accept the facts, your birth was a mishap
end it all right now die!!!

servants of all that is fake
the harmageddon throne
inferior affliction
is all you’ve ever known
crawling vermin on all fours
the rodent life is where you dwell
incarcerated, then penetrated, just like a b*tch inside
a prison cell
gezol shinde koi!!

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