the blood song lyrics – king missile

i remember the last time i donated blood
the nurse put a bandage on my arm
she told me not to remove it for six hours

the time was five o’clock, and at about ten to six
i was having an early dinner with some friends
in a pretty nice restaurant

i was embarr*ssed enough that i had short sleeves on
the bandage made me look downright silly
so i removed it slowly, surrept*tiously
so no one would see

suddenly, a thin but powerful stream of blood
started gushing out of my arm
it hit a man sitting directly opposite from me
splashing off of his head and onto the floor

a waiter delivering a bowl of chicken noodle soup
to a nearby table slipped
the bowl went flying and landed on his head
i was completely covered with noodles
and i disappeared

well, i learned my lesson that day
and the next time i give blood
i’ll wear long sleeves
and i’ll leave the bandage on

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