the bone dance lyrics – jeremy shum

everybody knows their bones
just had to find a way
everybody knows what i’m talking about
that’s how i’ll get an “a”

my body’s many parts
and this is where it starts
feleji’s i have ten
and then the tursils then
i got some tursils too
i’ll put them in my shoe

the filiba is next
according to my text
then comes the tibia
that ain’t no “fib”-ia
and now i’m up to my knee
yeah yeah yeah
the stuff you tell it to me

we’re doin’ the bone dance
you study the answers
again and again ’til i get it right
we’re doin’ the bone dance
you dance and you learn

and now i take it home
with the burato bone
it might be crazy
but we learn that way

temple is frontal too
and now we’re finally through
that makes two-hundred-and-six
i found a way to this


you dance until you learn it
and we won’t mess up this test
we’ll get a perfect score

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