the cell lyrics – butterfly effect

i? ve decided now on every thing for everyone
i have judged the terms who is touched and who is harmed
i remember well the nails that slide across my face
i am left alone and still remains the bitter taste of you

know why i did everything for
you know why i? d do anything at all

i have crucified the pretty one without a name
these injustice scales test my weight and lay the blame
i remember well the milk that sours within my mouth
you have shut me down, locked me in and never let me

out of here i? d do anything to disappear
i? d do anything at all for
you know why i? d do everything

i have nothing here, the darkness shrouds a world of pain
only voices heard tormented sounds and whispered names
i remember well the misery, the twist of fate
still the pendulum will swing for me, it? s a little late for you

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