the chasm lyrics – slice the cake

i know there’s something more
that lies beyond my reach;
an ethereal whole that beckons
me to percieve the bigger picture.

but still i cannot leap
across the chasm that lies before me
for the gap seems all to big.
i know it only takes a single step
but i cannot find the strength.

if only i could break
these chains that bind in place
a restless soul in search of truth.

if i could only break
this self-destructive
trail of self-deception.

so i shall make amends.
i shall make my peace.
i will forgive all those
who i feel have wronged me.

for without forgiveness
comes a life of pain;
self-imposed chains
born of petty grudges.

i will forgive you
i will forgive myself.

and so i fall into the arms of peace and tranquility.

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