the chicken on the rainbow lyrics – bella thompson

i feel so out of place like a chicken on a rainbow, me and my bright style like
smy sicks and bile and everyopne starrin at me like im out to see kyle noone
knows the reason why i enjoy weird things thats why this song is so weird but
you’ll listen again come one

refrain: chicken on a rainbow is how i feel, no one understands me even my babay
neil come on

i feel like leavin packin my sh.. i dont wanna look back not even a bit no one
knows what i go through but let me tell you one thing is true, i like my
chickens on their rainbows as much as you i say we pay them mind to see them and
be kind, no one looks at me any more but i look at them no one cares if i die
but i’ll be here to the end


i feel so out of place me and my whole d*mn race we have nothing to live for but
we do it any way come on now

refrain 4x

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