the chosen one lyrics – inhumate

there stands the man in white
in the middle of the crowd
he symbolises purity
he cannot be wrong because he is…

he is the chosen one
chosen by god himself
look at him, the chosen one
he wants peace for the whole world

aaahh! he is the chosen one!

and now? what can he do for our lifes?

from all parts
humanity commits suicide
this man can resolve
all our problems

aaahh! he is the chosen one!
but now? how will he change our lifes?

-with words, words, words?
-they’ll give us hope!
-but hope isn’t enough to fight reality

how can you only believe in him?
how can you think that he’s right?
he can’t understand what are our lives!
can’t you see he’s a kind of dictator

the pope:
“live as i say
and you’ll be saved
buy my cd
and pray with me, my friends!”

open your eyes and fight the evil

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