the crawling chaos lyrics – eternal dirge

everyone listened –
and everyone was listening
as it lumbered slobbingly
into sight and gropingly
squeezed ist immensity
through the black doorway
into the tainted outside air
of that poison-city of madness

nyarlathotep, great messenger
bringer of strange joy
father of the millions
to yuggoth, through the void

so from the wells of night
to the gulfs of sp*ce
and from the gulfs of sp*ce
to the wells of night

now that we´ve come together
our mind´s unite as one
the stars are standing right
for cthulhu to come
chant the ancient rhyme
that maketh the absu gleam
iae hastur c´fayak
come forth, archaic lords

shubb nigghurath
goat with a thousand young
lord of the black woods
arise and spread your breed

nyarlathotep … have mercy
the lightning … no longer flashes
i can see all … that is not sight
where light is dark … and dark is light

i´ve seen the dark universe yawning
where the black planets roll without aim
where they roll in their horror unheeded
without knowledge or l*stre or name

nyarlathotep, i call to thee
return from the black star
that lies within the hyades
not far from aldebar

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