the crown of the crow lyrics – tales for the unspoken

i am the universe,
i am your saviour,
forbidden from this earth

i am the fire lord
the vengeful angel
i breath just like you
under the weeping moon

before destruction
release the rage in me
fell your soul numb
while i stay the same

am i human?
or just a parting soul
have no pity
have no mercy
because i’m the salvation that no one expects

this is my destiny
to take your sins from you
i rule your misery
when you choose to fall

it is my fate, avoid the depths of your life
blood of my race, forever i fell

you chose to fall, you chose to be on your own
to start a war, take over paradise
your not alone, your soul will carry one
i hope you have the strengh to go on
go on!! just keep going on!! [x2]

riding alone in this new world
my new strength is my own
i will reach heaven with my sword
tears dried
feelings of hope have disappeared
i am the one to lose control
i will destroy and rise my thrown
i wear the crown of the crow

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