the culling lyrics – knights of the abyss

this world is evil their souls are corrupt will we stand
for truth or be
tossed about they are like brute beast creatures of
instinct born only to be
caught and destroyed unite gather their kind unveil the
darkness of these
troubled times reveal the elite for what they truly are
uprise and come forth
soldiers of revolt sons and daughters of this desponded
world stand against
their poisonous of plots hear the cries of the silenced
cleansing fire is near
as darkness emerges stand without fear beware the years
of seven the stage is
now set the years of seven the stage is now set overthrow
these tables of
unjust men overthrow this temple of countless sin face
the truth of your final
demise its your turn to bow in fear stand for justice
stand for truth undo the
practice of repulsive abuse bleed them out force them
down refuse their lies
and may truth resound eternally treason among the sworn
they’ve shut the mouth
of humanity arise the soldiers of light

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