the curse of gypsy lyrics – winterhorde

you killed my daughter, admit it now soldier
left her heart-broken to the mercy of the sea
pierced through her body
with yours, coward, honor
curved (sic) on her soul with your rusted nail
bloodstained by sin

she was beautifull, pearl in the sh*ll,
even snow wasn’t white as her marveouls skin
and i swear you will pay ’till the end of your days
for the death of the innocent maid
no forgiveness to thee!
run wherever you can, hide wherever you will
mistress moon’s raising high, this is a time to kill…

let there be storm, let black clouds cut the starlight
oh, mighty moon, paint horizon
with stars’ diamond blood
let there be rain, let be snow and no sunshine
just for you (son of a b*tch)
i will shut down the light
cursed you are, to die at sea
and spend the h*ll of afterlife in darkness
cursed you are, to dwell inside your rotting core
enchained to stone like she was

d*mned you are…
to walk the ocean floor forever, in madness
search in vain for soul that lost her way to heavens
d*mn you are, untill the stars will fade and vanish…
fade and vanish

you are cursed by the sea
you are cursed by the wind and storms
it will poison your dreams
fate will hunt you in sleep

hear me gods of my fathers, i summoned you tonight
seal the fate of the murderous one
send you wrath to avenge the death
of my only child, i beg
flood the land with his tears
turn his hopes to the ground!

as white sales were given to the hands of the will
thus leaving behind golden sh*r*s
smiths flew away to their nests on the fleet
but returned to the ship as black crows
the fate has send the arrows of hate
to the ship which will see sunshine nevermore…

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