the damsel of death lyrics – matriarch

dreams we all have,
some more than others,
some and before there even born,
aileen wuornos was my name.

this was my case,
i never wanted it that way,
i suffered so badly,
i was really struggling to survive,
unconsciously, i led you to any obscure path of death,
i killed were the bodies won´t leave any trace.

memories and images around my mind,
and my evil just happens to come out,
cause the actions that led me to this day are
the tastes of vengeance that poisons my veins.

thank you.
you will probably see,
i´ll be up in heaven,
while you´re rotting in h*ll!

and where is justice now?


his body, pushing me over (and over again),
to the abyss i am now sinking in.

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