the dead within lyrics – domination through impurity

tonight i’m raising the dead. i lie awake.. another
sleepless night. my stomach turns. i can see him f*cking
now. you should have just killed the b*tch. at least you
know you’re gonna see her in h*ll

she leads him by the hand to an empty bed… the bed
where i used to sleep. his hand slips down between her
legs, though he doesn’t know her name. how could you
still love such a wh*r*? you have to make her bleed for
what she’s done. i resurrect decayed skeletons that have
been eating away at me over the years. i resurrect
ancient skeletons that have been haunting me for far too
long. tonight i raise the dead. i can only imagine the
look of panic on her face when she sees us standing at
her door with a loaded 12 gauge. you know she
deserves what she gets. she needs to taste the pain that
you’ve felt. i stare deep within my soul in search of a
way to kill lingering memories. negative reciprocal is
guiding me to the most effective resolution

justify. rectify. justify. nullify. raise the dead within
myself. raise the f*cking dead to feed my vehemence
tonight we’re raising the dead. together we grow,
together we persevere

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