the delicate balance of terror lyrics – inanna

they are coming, the winds of death
millions of lives will cease inside the firestorm
aircraft of doom, artillery of hatred
gathered to pray the extinction cult

megaton chants
will be vomited from the skies
courage is just a word
within the shrapnel of a thousand bombs

sickness and hunger, are invocated by the atomic psalm
great decisions will be made in the altar of shame
the new messiah has fall in a seizure of power
his pitiful soul’s resurrected and ascended

our leader have claudicated
hidden behind the veil of all their lies
realize the power is approaching
annihilate and eliminate from the face of the earth
forced into a meaningless… pathetic age!!!

the cleansing has begun, with iron and fire you will be
new times are coming, to prevail upon of all you
behold the fears of those who once commanded you
the pestilence of a shattered illusion
those who reign on you
must be punished in blasphemy and pain

a sign of birth
the nuclear retaliation
your lies and crimes, erased from history
unworthy words claiming for mercy
i p*ss on your ashes

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