the dive (let me) lyrics – deine lakaien

where am i
i don’t know
should i stay
or should i go?
having dreamed of
i don’t know
how i feel insecure

city by night
the air is warm
can i resist
all your charm
can i ignore
your sweet song
i’m so weak
when i’m alone

oh let me dive into an ocean
lights and music in never-ending motion
how deep will i fall
i don’t think, i don’t care
’cause cities move on and no-one will find me there

never seen
easy live
frightened by
peoples’ eyes
catch a glance
try a smile
say h*llo
stay for a while
all around there
wait for me
our first night
in a new world
will i disappear
will i be heard

oh let me dive…

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