the element of surprise is no surprise at all lyrics – unarmed for victory

wake up! there’s an earthquake raging all around!
i’m so sick of being trampled on the ground…
funny, you try to hold tight with greedy hands
i was right to leave you dreaming at the dance

small rooms stop my stimulation of pretend
why don’t you save your heart for someone who gives a
i’ll try to lead you in a blindfold, on a short bridge,
in a short while
be my bride, be. my. bride.

there is reason for the ceiling caving in
you were a portrait worth stealing
the fumes are holding us, they’re holding in,
there is reason for the ceiling caving in
so keep your dreams to yourself
we’re just robots and you don’t care

i’ve learned there is nothing
nothing to live for, if i just don’t live
i will watch your face become harlequined with distaste

forget your hand in mine, i left no promises behind
i deserve the right to keep you from feeling alive again

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