the embrace lyrics – cemetary

the fire cast it’s shadow
tounges caught in the night
never to be captured
never to see the light
rejected all salvation
a th*rn in every hand
dark is the devotion
pearls lost in the sand

how i wish i knew it then
feel evil crawl in
embracing me again

you know i’m all but sorry
your cold caress can’t heal me
this hurt is mine alone
a cancer growing in my bones
would you face the struggle?
see it just as i?
or forever close your eyes
and let the stormclouds p*ss on by

a slave to my desire
crimson honey on my lips
order of the process
dead red p*ssion trip
i don’t have the answer
and you don’t need to know
sundown over the wastelands
echoes from below
and now it has been done

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