the end lyrics – deviates

let freedom sing from the bells that ring
lets make a bomb attack
it will be a great comeback
lets make those b*st*rds pay
on your daughters wedding day
lets start a fire that is burning from the sky
demolition going down at the skating rink
lets tell world
make them think we care
lets fly our bombs high
and pray they f*cking die
lets send them aid
and bring ours home with a parade
lets guard the world from
our warm and fuzzy home
demolition going down at the skating rink
bobby lost his fun
cody not so bright
bobby killed his wife
cody is now infected

lets start a revolution
we’ll call it inst*tution
let’s be the issue
and we’ll write in our const*tution
he’ll be the resolution
the cure for the common person
lets make him leader
he’ll re-write our const*tution

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