the eye collector lyrics – krypteria

h*llo, lovely, here i come
a fairy tale has just begun
it’s a dream you never had
time for you to go to bed, sleep well

h*llo, lovely, here i am
come with me, my little lamb
45, the number’s fine
be a good girl, don’t decline, don’t decline

h*llo, lovely, time to go
i’ll make you the star of my little show
45, the number’s good
take one last bow, i think you should

quadraginta et quinque

h*llo, lovely, time is up
the fairy tale book’s just been shut
and the dream you thought you had
turned out to be real instead

quadraginta et quinque

h*llo, lovely, follow me
step into my parlor please
take a slice, i must insist
come inside now, don’t resist, don’t resist

h*llo, lovely, here we go
i’ll take you to places n*body knows
45, the number’s sweet
now close your eyes and come with me

follow me, follow me, follow me

quadraginta et quinque

could it be? another clock?
tickety toc, tick tickatoc
it ain’t over, you were wrong
and the game goes on

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