the happy retard lyrics – leng tch’e

have you never wished to be a real dumb*ss,
too stupid to realize all the sh*t that’s going on
so that you could just be another happy r*t*rd?

when i was too young to realize anything
life just looked good ‘coz i didn’t see all the sh*t
when something still went wrong god was there to save you
growing up opened my eyes and there’s no god to help!

pain! why? i’m just too sensitive for this selfish world
i’ve learned to numb my feelings i became callous
your words are blades ripping right through my flesh
your insults are hammers capable of breaking my heart
oh, how i wish to be a happy r*t*rd now
so i wouldn’t have to think about anything anymore

constantly thinking, always these questions,
i’m wrecking myself by worrying too much
am i a fool, am i to blame? sometimes ignorance
could be bliss… or not?

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