the hurt is worth the chance lyrics – gary chapman

by billy simon, justin peters
i could try to call
i know the number well–it used to be mine
you’ve probably changed it by now
but it’s worth a try
’cause every p*ssing hour leaves a trail of hope
that i can follow on
and if there’s a chance of love, forever’s not too long
i’m just a p*ssing thought in the back of your mind
a dime a dozen heart, hardly worth your time
but by a thread of hope i keep hangin’ on
and i may be signing my own sorrow license
as i hope for the day fate will twist
and i can take you home
it’s a sad, sad circ*mstance
but the hurt is worth the chance
the hurt is worth the chance
i don’t see why you can’t believe
i was meant for you, you were made for me
a picture perfect love, anyone can see
i’ve got it figured out
i can see it know
the way it ought to be
but once again i’m faced with reality
no more you and me
(repeat chorus)
i hope the hurt is worth the chance

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