the immortals lyrics – winterburst

he’s the dawn of all things
ymir the original being
born from the heat and cold
essence of the earth

from his body born daughters & sons
his arms embrace the world
father of the frost giants
he’s both birth and death

thrown in the ginnungagap
by odin and his brothers
between niflheim and muspelheim
the yawning abyss is now his grave

the deluge of his blood
killed all of them but bergelmir
the last of a kind
the proud grandson

creation of the world from the wounds
oceans of blood
mountains of his bones
his flesh, the walls of midgard

now secluded by odin
the jötuns maintain their land
morphing us into wolves
we’ll track down all intruders

we, giants of the lore,
strong we stand tall

we master the frost and might
from utgard our fortress of ice
no matter how hard you cry
even thor fell in jötunheim

we, giants of the lore,
strong we stand tall

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