the last european wolves lyrics – hordak

when the light baths the light for the last time
and the sunset turns everything red
the dust of the dusk draws a shape
running down the hills again

allied of the night and the moonlight
your howls blow in the wind like h*rns of war
(you are) proud of your kind and your name
your blood of warrior still rages on and on

before a thousand battles
before ages and storms
the wisdom grows in your eyes
brother, warrior, god

and they run down from the hills
and the fear blew in the wind
when the light faded and the hunting started once more
lurking far below their land,
feed themselves and feed the pack
and defend the till the end of times
fallen warrior’s souls, since old,
legends tell they ride the endless skies
and then become wolves
once in a struggle i fell
and my blood now is the same
of the ones that devaour me

but your kind has suffered the genocide
of mankind that tears everything apart
whose life’s only sense’s devastation
in your language i will scream revenge

for the scars of the past wounds in my skin
tears crosses my face
while their last howls crosses the lands
sun and the moon will cry your loss but
now it’s the time for us to return

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