the legend of cazha selvarega lyrics – delirium x tremens

tha d*mned night, while coming back home
i heard the grim moan of mount serva
cursed barking were obsessing the valley
with endless weird echoes
a pack of black and infernal dogs
guided by the demon of hunt
with their h*llish fire-eyes
was hounding the sinner’s souls

through those arcane woods
eternal oblivion

agonizing calvary
through the forests
a witch laugh
sitting on the rock

càzha selvàrega
condanna eterna
inferno dei lamenti
scappano le anime
dall’atroce giustizia
demone dei mali purifica il peccato
anime, invocate il perdono eterno

obscure presences on the steep slopes
the witches celebrated the sabbath around the fire
in the name of the lord of hunt
unholy army of dogs, mortal lives-starved

fury of the immortal dogs
storm under the light of the moon
black rain burns the trees
cold wind freezes the earth

i can still smell the piquancy of the night
pungent as pine-needles
the woods were trembling and the sky was crying
it was càzha selvàrega
sinner’s abyss

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