the maestro lyrics – beastie boys

“yo pool, this is al. you can kiss my *ss (beep)
i ain’t interrested in you anyhow, i’m just interrested in the b-boys
so f*ck you my man.”

yeaaaa, yea…
“who is it”
who is the man comin’ down your block
it’s me you see with the funk in my walk
’cause i’m doin’ just what i like to
today is my day and i’m a get nice too
you gotta’ keep movin’ and you can’t say nothing
i’ma’ keep bouncin’ and b*mpin’ and stuffin’
one thing you ought to know
well i’m the maestro
yea you motherf*ckers, i’m all that
i see you lookin’ at me sayin’
how can he be so skinny and live so phat
you know why ’cause i’m the maestro
yea, you know and i’m
“movin’ on my wheels”
“you got that”
i feel like rufus thomas
the crown prince of dance
i’m mike d and i’m known for romance
i’m the crazy baldhead with the part on the side
and i’m riding down the block
like i’m on a water slide
’cause it’s the type of day i feel like pressing my luck
’cause i got nothing to lose ’cause i don’t give a f*ck
see i’m a player i play
don’t play to win i play to show
yea, i am the maestro!

agh yea i need a little bit of cooperation right ’bout now
i like to find out who’s favorate ditective it is
is it mannix
barnaby jones
sombody say colombo
micky mahoney
clancy claranin
barnaby jones
i said that already

yea that’s right ya’ll
you know i got my own sh*t
see this ain’t america’s most wanted
this is america’s most mackin’
that’s right all the people are callin’ my pit
when i get on there is no stoppin’
“who’s that”
“who is the man who is the man who is the man”
“who is the man who is the man who is the man”
“who is the man who is the man.”

who is the man…
who’s that
the maestro
who is the man…
what, the maestro
give it give it
the maestro
give it up
the maestro
all three cheers for the maestro

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