the man i’ve been looking for lyrics – carolina rain

i woke up an hour early, put on my runnin’ shoes
oh man, it’s been a while, a half a mile’s all i could do
then i pulled a couple weeds out of the cracks
in the sidewalk to my front door
poured out the coffee pot, stuck it underneath the cabinet
drank a tall cool gl*ss of water, gonna break that caffiene habit
and quit steppin’ over all my winter clothes
and pick em’ up off the floor
stop by bobby hendons, pay him back that twenty bucks
it’s just a little thing, it may not seem like much

but hey, it’s a start, a speck of light in the dark
a place where smilin’ don’t come so hard any more
my visions growin’ clearer, i see a face that’s so familiar
yeah, this mornin’ in the mirror by the door
i caught a glance of the man i’ve been lookin’ for

a couple weeks ago i met a nice girl at my church
she reminded me of you, so sweet and down to earth
well i finally mustered up a little nerve, and asked her for her number
i met her at the deli on her lunch break yesterday
we both went dutch, so i guess it’s not a date

i remember when the doctor said you didn’t have too long
you made me promise i’d move on
but it’s puttin’ my faith to the test, everyday i do my best
girl, i know they’re only baby steps

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