the martyr and deliverance lyrics – winterhorde

where am i now?
how, have i died?
is this gruesome dream or underground?
where is the sun, where are the stars?
they vanished behind!

this endless dawn
where, am i alive? was it a lie?
will i see the night and open skies?
perhaps i am blind? could i be blind?
though open my eyes!
but there i see – a star is shining
so bright, i can’t bare (sic) its light

one star
on the dakrest of skies
one soul
as alone as mine
i believe it now!

martyr i tread the sands of death
i feel no pain or fear
the lifeless corpse with rotten soul within
moon by moon, the torments path
new scenes of h*ll revealed
i’m cursed to find the celestial one
in those gloomy, suffocating deeps

oh, deliverance
i hear the angels call but,
heavy chains of burden pull me down
oh no, my mind in trance
will i see the light of day,
until the underwater moon is shining?

martyr i tread the wasted lands
of riffs and dancing sand
inside me raging emptiness
when night is dying slow
and nothing seems to change
i’m d*mned to find deliverance


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