the master has a butt lyrics – gwar

i’m thinking i was once a baby
born inside the master’s bowels
i was shat across the cosmos, banished to this mudball
well i claim vengance, i’m not throwin in the towel
well i said i was sorry but you slapped me back down
just a sunday morning t*rd coming down

if you stare into the inky blackness
i swear i think you’ll find him there
with his overgrown cuticles and his asteroid belt
i said there sonny, he does not give a d*mn
i’m real bad mama, a real bad man
i like to spend a lot of time on the can
i had a little something to eat last night, it’s not alright
and master has a b*tt

oh yeah he has a b*tt(3 times)
and it’s a big b*tt, a big b*tt

well we f*cked up the tablet and the master heard the sound
a little birdie told me that he’s coming back around
his hideous wisdom calls for my death
there’ll be nothing left except a b*tt
a stinky b*tt

now daddy tells me to bend over
he whips my b*ttocks with a strap
he bails my *ss out of reform school
then he goes and takes a nap
well i said i was sorry but i couldn’t make you care
if i could stop sh*tting i’d change my underwear
if i can’t kill the master then i’ll have to get a job
i’m a f*cking slob
the master has a b*tt

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