the most embarrassing part about hardcore dancing (is telling your parents you’re gay) lyrics – ennu

destroy the memory you cling to – eradicate the memories
you hate!
beating the black from the beige – wipe that smirk
straight from your face!
bleed – then leave……
nostalgia in the shapes i sketch – paper reinvents the
months fall from a calendar in what you call a life!
begin again! do we begin again? f*ck!
do we truly begin again? again….
ink the distance; shade the tears!
i swear you could scr*pe them straight from the page, and
then you would see…..
the thick grows thin!
who drew this destiny for you? l*st leaks from the
proves the water is not thicker than blood…..
blush you f*cking wh*r*!

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