the murderer lyrics – last minute sedative

we’re all victims of ourselves
blinded by the lies we sell
caught up in the webs of fame
our efforts to please are made in vain

show me how you weave your way
through the vastness of our time
the faces painted melt away
in the moment which we find…

…every bridge that we burn
we burn in selfish gain
still persisting not to learn
from every wound that we attain
the death created on our own
risen from our misery
tears apart the very bones
that keep us from insanity
i’m dying each day

the murderer lives inside
take off your disguise

as tragic as this pain may seem
there are still answers to obtain
the choice we have to live or die
is greater than the tears we cry

the murderer lives inside us all

like the blood that’s in our veins
we choose to run red with rage
but the blood spills from our veins
when we choose to live this way

i am the murderer

/ last minute sedative lyrics