the night i fell in love lyrics – luther vandross

i keep going over it and over it again in my mind
i get these flashback and i feel sooooo good
this is one night that i’ll never forget
you see, it was just like in the movies
i mean, it actually happened just like this…

the stars were shining brighter than most of the time
then love came out of nowhere

no thrill will ever be like
(the night that i fell in love)
i tenderly remember
(the night that i fell in love)
it surely was the best thing i ever did that night
(the night when i fell in love)

the stars’ lights were in your eyes
(the night that i fell in love) with you

i’ve known so many people, been to most parts of the world
and seen some things that have blown my mind


i thought i would be happy without any love in my world
but now i know that, that is so untrue



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