the old man is dead lyrics – del way

now and then an old friend of mine,
i’ve not seen for some time,
will stop by and ask me where i been,
what’s on my mind.
they wonder why i’m not drinkin’,
and still painting this old town red.
i tell them i’m serving jesus now,
and the old man is dead


and the man you see before you,
may look a lot the same,
i may wear the same clothes,
and have the same old name.
but you’re looking’ on the outside,
if you could see inside instead,
you would see a brand new man,
cause the old man is dead.
i used to live such a wicked life,
i had no peace inside.
i was lost in darkness,
searching for the light.
then one night in a little church,
after hearin’ what the preacher said,
i gave my life to jesus,
and the old man is dead.


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