the omega man lyrics – cathedral

i’m sitting here alone – in this waxwork palace
i stare at the motionless man, with the eyes of judas
it’s a face i’ve seen before. in a distant mental war
where am i? where have i come from?

i am frankenstein – one million years b.c.
dinosaurs rule the earth – all for you to see

museum of mankind – distilled in ghostly silence
this orb no longer turns. as if it never happened
my laboratory has closed. i’m a scientist with all the answers
but where am i? but where do i belong?

i am frankenstein – one million years d.c.
machines now rule the earth. not for you to see.

i’ve played chess against the world, and conquered my own madness
i’ve designed my own plague – become my own big brother
but life goes on, and all this wealth i own…
amongst the ruins i roam, uncivilized. alone.

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