the one lyrics – endanger

strophe 1

for all the time we´ve been together
i learned a lot about you
from your deepest inside i am looking thru your eyes
but still you do not know who i am

strophe 2

i remember things that you have forgotten
and show them to you in your dreams
i put things right while you are asleep
and shelter you when you are weak


i am the force that keeps you on course
iam the friend that you need
i am the reason for your never ending season
what would you be without me


i am the one who lets you breathe
i am the one who makes you live
i am the one who cries your tears
i am the one who suffers from your fears
i am the one who pics you up when you are down
to make you see there is still so much to come
i am the soul that lives inside you

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