the one made of dreams lyrics – vader

[lyrics: pavel frelik, music peter wiwczarek]

sometimes believing in some disembodied being can help find the way in the
a being that const*tutes an essence of what you profess and follow.
a being that exist only in your dreams and never falls prey to sestemic
arrangments of religions and philosophies.

i am the left hand of darkness
i am the right hand of light
i am the lurker of the twilight
i am the mist of the dawn

as you are dreaming me up
i’m bringing freedom into your mind

i am the sadness of the gods
i am the radiance from the sky
i am the desert of the real
i am the knowledge and the maze

i am the lizard without the king
i am fall without the leap
i am the power without the might
i am the wanderer without the road

protect your daemon, i said
before the magic lamb shatters
protect your deities, i said
before i come to bring them down

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