the ones i should’ve missed lyrics – great shank

the ones i should’ve missed

they told me not to dwell on it
i’d be feeding the pain
but i can’t forget the happy days
all the comfort that we gained
my heart beated faster
yours slower than mine
my mind out in sp*ce
while yours stayed behind

no love, no foul
no chance, just games
generic as it may be
i aimed for more
no tears, no pain
with it all the same
generic as it may be
i aimed for more

it shouldn’t be this bad
with regrets and all
i let my heart race
with no stop just to fall

so here goes the hand-holding
the meaningless kiss
lock it in what i call
“the ones i should’ve missed”
the heartbreakers
the worthless ride
taking my hope
destroying my pride
the strength of your glance
the beauty of your stare
drowning in your eyes
imperfection was there
forgotten and lost
and left behind
i’ll walk down this road
of endless time

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