the phantom opera ghost lyrics – iced earth

[y:] i feel you, from beyond the walls you speak to me
[m:] christine my love paris now will worship you
you will star soon i’ll kill to make it sure for you
[y:] oh my love, won’t you please show yourself to me
[m:] soon i’ll take you in my kingdom you’re the queen.
it’s dark and peaceful but my face you’ll never see, no

[m:] oh christine on this eve i will come for you
[y:] erik my love, i’ve waited all my life for you
please just take me i need to be with you
[m:] take my hand, through the catacombs my lair awaits
[y:] caverns, mazes, the underworld and the blackest lake.
enticing danger, your p*ssion feeds me i’m your slave

[y:] now i’ve bathed in fear. i will not leave here
[m:] breathe deep the darkness. breathe deep the madness
[y:] i’m so cold inside. mental suicide
[m:] breathe deep the darkness. breathe deep the sadness

[m:] oh christine don’t you know it’s all for you
carlotta’s head and the other death’s i planned.
all for you, to have your night in the spotlight.
from now on forevermore you will only sing for me

[y:] so you are, you are the legend. the phantom opera ghost
[m:] i am what man has made me. with his hate and cruel ways
[y:] why are you?
[m:] why am i?
[y&m:] the phantom opera ghost
[y:] i have to see
[m:] you’ll never see
[y&m:] what’s behind the mask

[y:] i’m so torn between love, death, life, and hate
[m:] don’t you doubt me, what we have is just our fate.
i now own you from this day forth; you’ll be my slave
[y:] oh dear god for this life i’ve lost the will
[m:] no this can’t be i’d rather you die than spoil my dream.
myself i’ll kill if i can’t have you no one will

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