the planet lyrics – mezarkabul

– attention nr. 75 your mission is to geeet close the planet and try to connect
– go it
– platform 5, gate 29 get ready to fly – got it
– countdown to exit:…1.0
– h*llo base this is nr. 75 an we just aaarrived the land
we wanna get some information before we start to land
– ok.’75 this is captain zenix… we justtt recieved the information
there’s life present on the land and now we know that this strange
place’s called earth
– you said there’s life down there, is ittt right harmonize?
people of this planet, is there favious in their eye?
– hold on ’75 wait on the line.this peoppple dosen’t seem so friendly
no act unlles you get a’s dangerous, this people’re full of hate
– listen base, i found a cahnnel of a huuuman radio station
i’m waitin for the last order, and ready for communications
– this command i do in sorrow; just breakkk off all connections
all units, turn back to base.last order, we leave this planet of death

holidays in the sun

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