the punks are alright lyrics – forgotten rebels

i don’t mind another guy f*cking with my girl
if he does, she can get the h*ll out of my world
get it into your head, all your morals are dead
i’m your leader instead ’cause the punks are alright

sometimes, i feel like it’s not worth trying
there’s times when i can’t even bother crying
get it into your head, rock and roll has gone dead
i’m a punk and it’s me instead ’cause the punks are alright

you know, i can’t help feeling p*ssed off
there’s days when i feel like getting lost
i don’t mind some bureaucrats trying to rip me off
i got their number and i just might have them tossed
’cause they’ll lead us to h*ll, but we’ll all live to tell
it’s their time to bid farewell ’cause the punks are alright
the punks are alright.

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