the purging lyrics – defeated sanity

a degenerate relation to nature
unseen paradox, hypocrisy silently imprinted
morbidity trivialised, belittled
to keep themselves away from the horrendous reality
immersed in carnivorous dependence

cutting throats- a daily routine
ripping out t*st*cl*s- unanesthetized
scalded alive- a minor accident
panic stricken, twitching headless, drowning in their
own sh*t
screaming, kicking, crammed together, half dead
stomping on their own heads
from my actions
thousands of tortured souls cease to be
my task to satisfy tongues that are poisoned by greed
i take upon me their guilt to indulge themselves in
mentally brutalized – a cold façade conceals what’s
within – mercy, comp*ssion, respect for life
species enslaved, bred to please the superior
condemned – a short life of servitude
a pile of rancid flesh
spillover of excruciating pain
butchered in the name of luxury
emotionless, i execute my duty
a dull life until fate strikes me down
grave event – to crush my vitality
sudden spiritual elevation
drawn into an unknown state
panic overtakes me as i
look upon my physical self
whirlwind of karma upon me
as my life rewinds before my eyes
soaring further into…the unreal
awakening – in a scene of lurid images
visions – creatures craving to retaliate
fury – clutches and fangs excoriate my flesh
agony – forced to feel what i have once inflicted
the unearthly
from infernal claws tight around me
returning to reality, purged by netherworldly trial
regaining consciousness, second life begins
ethical transformation
tranquilized by misery
comp*ssion thoroughly flows from within
to cast an altered view on all living beings

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